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How I got started

Hello Royal fam! My name is Brandon and I'm a lapidary artist, jewelry designer and the creator of , I started making jewelry to exercise my creativity. It brings me joy to create and to experience the joy it brings others. It gives me a sense of purpose and love to propagate Crystals for my community. When I ware my crystals, the energy is regal, and the feeling is royal. I feel powerful, joyful, and confident  with my crystals. Tapping into the greatness and  Royalty of my ancestors. My mission is to share these feelings of joy and power with the world through crystals. loving crystals as much as I do eventually led me to cutting, shaping and polishing them for myself. In 2018, I built my very own lapidary grinding and polishing machine. This was a breakthrough for me. With this machine I'm able to delicately transform raw crystals into very uniquely crafted works of art.

In Love With Mother Earth

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